August 2015 – Our Table Sponsors

A big shout out to our Table Sponsors for the month of August! These guys come month on month to support the London YES Group and offer our members amazing deals for their products, services and events. When you attend our August live event and if you are a member, you too can benefit from their amazing deals.

Wealth Academy:  With a mission to help 100,000 entrepreneurs, internet marketers, network marketers and home business owners, Wealth Academy helps them create successful campaigns, offer advanced training and resources to be successful online.

TurnOn London:  Orgasmic Meditation (OM) is a wellness practice (like Yoga and Pilates) that is designed for singles and couples to experience more connection, vitality, pleasure and meaning in every aspect of their lives.

Make Money Using Social Media:  Social media expert who helps companies get bigger audiences on social media and us techniques and strategies that will allow the business the monetise without having to spend money on advertising.

Joyful Genius:  Offering coaching for conscious experts who plan to make a real difference in their field and need support to create their dream work with ease and joy.

Traffic Monsoon:  A specialised advertising and revenue company providing high quality advertising targeted for people seeking for a way to earn money online.

Max Vitality:  Deliciously healthy snacks and foods to delight your taste buds and satisfy your hunger whilst ensuring you get the highest levels of nutrition.  Available to purchase at the live event are snacks and the world’s most delicious cakes that you would never know are raw vegan!

Academy of Relationship Coaching:  Offering the only coaching course of its kind providing the skills needed to coach single individuals in making good couple relationship choices as well as to increase stability, happiness and fulfillment for couples in long lasting, loving relationships.

Harry Singha Foundation: Bringing together business leaders, not-for-profits, schools, governments, families and communities to improve the lives of young people, supporting them to overcome key issues such as low self worth, violent crimes, poverty and abuse.

Life Is One Great Adventure!

On Wednesday 29 July the YES Group London was totally enthralled by the our speaker for the evening, Deri Llewellyn-Davies.

IMG_0160Deri is well known as “The Strategy Man” who turns around businesses providing them with strong strategic direction and focus to success. But what many people don’t know is that Deri is a serial adventurer who travels the world in search of amazing challenges. It was his adventure side that wowed us from the stage last week.

It was 10 years ago that Deri set his adventure plan into motion after a pivotal moment. He believes that it is these pivotal moments in life that define who we are and what we do. As Deri’s father lay in hospital he shared with Deri all the things he wished he had done with his life and that was it, Deri was determined not to have any regrets when that moment happened to him. As humans our top regrets in life are those of love, work/career, family/friends, education, living as our true selves and travel; what would yours be?

So Deri set himself what he calls his Global Grand Slam as he realised his WHY! He challenged us in the audience to consider the difference between thinking that we could do something, and actually doing it. He believes that when we have a big enough why, it is that why that drives us through our darker days.

IMG_0573He pointed out that we were probably in the right place, as within The YES Group London community there would be people who shared our visions and drivers; whereas outside we might be thought of a freaks who were in cults! Within personal development communities, like The YES Groups, are the people that will help us on our journeys. He warned us though that we might have to find new peer groups if we are not connected enough to those that share our visions.

Deri set himself a goal of endurance marathons like the Marathon Des Sables (six marathons across the Sahara), a jungle marathon in the Amazon, an ironman and to climb the seven highest peaks on each continent! A brutal adventure to set yourself, but that’s what he set as his goal, with Everest at the top!

He had a few F-word moments, the first being Fear! We have to get over fear, because as soon as we don’t get excited we get scared. We need to understand what we are scared of and work out what is the worst that can happen. Deri’s advice was to accept the fear on the worse and best case scenarios, and just deal with them. He reminded us that if we are not facing fear, then we are living a life of mediocrity. Deri says “things are never perfect; get over it!”

His second F-word moment is failure. He failed to climb Mount Denali, faced bankruptcy and could easily have given up, but the thought of his young daughter pulled him back and drove him forward. Just as Malcolm Gladwell says, it’s takes 10,000hrs to reach mastery, Deri knew this from business, from presenting, that he had to put in the hours to conquer Everest.

It takes some two months to climb Everest and Deri didn’t just want to climb it, he wanted to do more. So with his fellow climbers they decided to hold the world’s highest black tie dinner party to raise money for the Sherpa’s fund, as many of them had lost their lives on the mountain the year before. At base camp, they held their dinner with the climbers acting as waiters for the Sherpa’s. Five years previously they had decided not to summit up the South face, which although is the easiest there is queuing and problems. So they decided to summit up the North face, which is a more spiritual route through China and Tibet; this decision saved Deri’s life!

IMG_0239When he started his climb he knew that over 7,000 metres there was no rescue, anyone that couldn’t continue had to be left; a brutal position to be in but an essential one for his own safety. Emotionally he had to be prepared to face death in the face, as there are over 220 dead bodies on the mountain that will never be recovered and he would have to pass 20 on the North face route alone. The biggest fear for a climber is that of avalanche, he had faced this fear but he never imagined what would happen to him on that day.

It was 25 April 2015 when the devastating earthquake hit, known now as the “Deadliest day on the Mountain in History!”

When it hit, Deri had no idea what happened, he was not prepared for it. When he managed to stand up after the quake it was then that the avalanches hit. He was safe on a piece of ground, but just 10 minutes earlier he would have been amongst what was now thousands of tonnes of ice and snow. Standing there, he realised that this was his moment with God.

He and his colleagues continued on, as they had no idea what was going on. They were way too high to be helicoptered off and for a few hours the world thought that he too had perished.

The earthquake took 19 of his climbing party and another 3,000 on the mountain itself. Deri and the remainder of his team were saved by the Chinese authorities who closed the mountain and removed them from it. As he said, “the Chinese saved my life as the third earthquake hit”.

IMG_0502As an audience we were left in awe. Awe at the power of nature and awe at the strength of character and determination shown by Deri.

Deri’s message is simple; not to live a life of regret, to have a big enough why and know that life is just one great adventure.

As a gift Deri offered those in a the YES Group a free downloadable copy of his book. To get yours use this link.

We were delighted to have such an inspirational and motivational speaker at The YES Group London and look forward to hearing about Deri’s future adventures including taking on Everest again!

August 2015 is Ex-Chair’s Night!

It’s a rare occasion these days when we get to learn from a leader, so how would you like to learn from two leaders in just one night?

That’s what we can offer you for our August live event. Two of those who have held the position of chair of the London YES Group and have gone on to do amazing things in the world will be sharing the stage. They have gone on to be world leaders in their field and we are very lucky to have secured them both for one date.

Our speakers are Mac Attram and Peter Sage.


Mac is a multi-award winning serial entrepreneur, investor, author of two books and a leading Business Mentor. In his talk entitled “The Inspired Warrior’s Way” he will share the 7 universal principles to live a great life. He will help you to discover how to become unstoppable and create the life you truly desire. Having trained for over 30 years in Martial Arts he has used this to stay focused and disciplined; a trait he takes into all areas of his life including business.
 Mac’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower people all over the world to live a life of joy, courage, passion and purpose that totally aligns with the YES Group London values.




sage014Peter is a serial entrepreneur, human behaviour expert and Tony Robbins trainer. In his talk entitled “What does it take to live the life of an enlightened entrepreneur”, Peter will unlock the key on how to enter the world of the successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs. He will share insights that few people have ever discovered. He is well known for giving practical, actionable advice that gets immediate results, as well as ideas and philosophy that are guaranteed to expand your mind. He now lives overseas so don’t miss this rare chance to see Peter live on stage at the YES Group London where his talk will take you on a journey you will never forget!


Ensure you book your ticket before midnight on Tuesday 25 August to get the early bird discount at this link.

We learned the Power To Succeed!

Thank you to everyone who attended the YES Group London event in June; those that did will know it was just awesome! And we finished just after 10pm, which is our new finish target, allowing you to get home at a reasonable time. The photos from the event can be found on our Facebook group here.

LR Edited-3472It was my first as the Chair, and to say I was stressed and nervous was an understatement. However, I knew that all the planning was done, the Leadership Team knew their roles and the crew would manage the event perfectly (plus this massage on the night helped). You see it’s team work that makes the dream work, and they certainly all delivered to make the event run like a dream. If you are ready to serve and be part of my team please contact me at

LR Edited-3429Our speaker, Elliot Kay, international speaker and trainer, author, coach and all round good guy shared how we could all have the power to succeed. He explained why it was so important for us to have a strategy to succeed which we can all have with his 5Cs method; Continuous growth, Community, Collaboration, Connection and Consistency. By applying these rather than focussing on the things that bring us down we can have a clear strategy to succeed.

LR Edited-3394For me, there were two key messages – Connection and Consistency. And these totally apply to the YES Group. We come together on a monthly basis which is consistent to receive connection. Just perfect. Thank you Elliot for giving us such insights and opening up your heart with your amazing story; I know it touched all those in the room.


I also shared some new exciting news for members. We are aware that many members have something of value to share with other members, and so we are offering the opportunity for members to apply to give a TED style educational speaking slot on the main stage at YES Group live events. Titled YESx each speaker will get 18 minutes in which to provide the audience with value. No selling will be allowed, but members, guests and attendees will be invited to connect with the speaker if they want to learn more. To apply please email for further details. We hope to have the first YESx speaker on the stage in September.

For July we’ll be taking you all on an adventure, so I hope to see you there.


Deri Llewellyn-Davies – Life Is One Great Adventure!

Deri Llewellyn-Davies is “The Strategy Man”. He is a speaker, entrepreneur, adventurer and author of two books; one of which went straight to number one on Amazon.

From an entrepreneurial, working class background he built a successful corporate and consultancy career. Now with his own extremely successful boutique consultancy, Deri has worked with more than 250 businesses and independent entrepreneurs at board level. He has owned 20 businesses of his own, earned an MBA and sits on many boards including the charity Global Angels.


Deri will be sharing with the YES Group London his ultimate passion in life – Adventure!

He has climbed five of the highest mountains in the world, run the infamous Marathon des Sables, completed the legendary Ironman and is fresh back from an attempt to scale Everest (the peak of which can be seen behind him in this photo).

He will share with us his belief that we all have one great adventure in us.

You will leave Deri’s talk with valuable, practical and actionable strategies you can go away and instantly apply to whatever situation. Plus you will get a healthy dose of inspiration and motivation to achieve more than you had previously considered possible.

Elliot Kay

elliotkayElliot Kay is an international speaker and trainer, mentor, coach and facilitator who knows what it is like fail when you don’t have a proven strategy for success.

At the London YES Group in June, Elliot will share how over the last two years he has been able to transform his life and those of his clients by sharing how to have a Strategy On The Page; yes that’s right just one page! He puts it all down to the 5 C’s of success, while knowing how to avoid the 5 key obstacles that stop people from launching into their own businesses, succeeding in general and following their purpose in life.

Join us to learn how you too can have the strategy for success! Book today

Dr David Hamilton

DavidHamilton.Stephen-Mulhearn©-425x380David Hamilton gained a first class honours degree in chemistry, with a specialisation in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry before going on to be a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry in 1995.

After four years he left and has since worked as a motivational speaker, co-founded an international relief charity, co-organised a 9-day, 24-event festival of peace called Spirit Aid, and worked as a college lecturer in both chemistry and ecology.

He has been featured on TV, BBC radio, and has been the subject of national newspaper articles. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks and leading workshops on the topics of his writing. He lives in Scotland.

To find out more about the Yes Group Talk click here

Des O’ Connor

Des O’ Connor, Award Winning Relationship Expert and Success Mentor

Des O’ Connor is a certified life coach specialising in relationship coaching, online entrepreneurship and mentoring his clients to achieve success in their lives – whether that means achieving career success, launching a successful business, or finding and maintaining successful romantic relationships.

Dr. Connie Schottky

Dr. Connie Schotty is perhaps best know for presenting Life Mastery and Wealth Mastery, but also an integral part of Date With Destiny, Leadership Mastery and UPW as a team leader to the attendees, as a team leader to the crew and even as a team leader to all the other team leaders – Connie is one of Tony’s most senior Leaders, and for very good reason.

Kalpesh Patel

kpIf you could DECIDE to Fall in love with your life… would you?

Learn that pain, struggle, frustration and any other dis-empowering emotions can be interpreted differently to serve your greatest self.

Kalpesh Patel – Enlightened Entrepreneur, Well known Inspirational Speaker and Philanthropist  travels the world inspiring students, corporations and audiences committed to  improving their Speaking, Communication and Financial skills.

You will Fall in love with his spirit, passion and energy as he shares his personal stories  to inspire you to live happy “all of the time” … as if that’s possible… or is it?

He has a unique ability to simplify complex situations with a humour that will have you in stitches.

Join him and a dynamic group of people at the February Yes Group event in London.

Master how to live an inspired, empowered and fulfilled life NOW.

==> Learn More, Become More, Have More, Give More.

Together we are stronger x