Dr David Hamilton

DavidHamilton.Stephen-Mulhearn©-425x380David Hamilton gained a first class honours degree in chemistry, with a specialisation in biological and medicinal chemistry, and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry before going on to be a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry in 1995.

After four years he left and has since worked as a motivational speaker, co-founded an international relief charity, co-organised a 9-day, 24-event festival of peace called Spirit Aid, and worked as a college lecturer in both chemistry and ecology.

He has been featured on TV, BBC radio, and has been the subject of national newspaper articles. He spends most of his time writing, giving talks and leading workshops on the topics of his writing. He lives in Scotland.

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Des O’ Connor

Des O’ Connor, Award Winning Relationship Expert and Success Mentor

Des O’ Connor is a certified life coach specialising in relationship coaching, online entrepreneurship and mentoring his clients to achieve success in their lives – whether that means achieving career success, launching a successful business, or finding and maintaining successful romantic relationships.

Dr. Connie Schottky

Dr. Connie Schotty is perhaps best know for presenting Life Mastery and Wealth Mastery, but also an integral part of Date With Destiny, Leadership Mastery and UPW as a team leader to the attendees, as a team leader to the crew and even as a team leader to all the other team leaders – Connie is one of Tony’s most senior Leaders, and for very good reason.

Kalpesh Patel

kpIf you could DECIDE to Fall in love with your life… would you?

Learn that pain, struggle, frustration and any other dis-empowering emotions can be interpreted differently to serve your greatest self.

Kalpesh Patel – Enlightened Entrepreneur, Well known Inspirational Speaker and Philanthropist  travels the world inspiring students, corporations and audiences committed to  improving their Speaking, Communication and Financial skills.

You will Fall in love with his spirit, passion and energy as he shares his personal stories  to inspire you to live happy “all of the time” … as if that’s possible… or is it?

He has a unique ability to simplify complex situations with a humour that will have you in stitches.

Join him and a dynamic group of people at the February Yes Group event in London.

Master how to live an inspired, empowered and fulfilled life NOW.

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Mindy Gibbins-Klein

Mindy_HEADSHOT copyInternational Speaker and Bestselling Author – Thought Leadership Strategist

Mindy Gibbins-Klein is founder and director of REAL Thought Leaders, The Book Midwife® and Panoma Press business publishing. She is a highly sought after speaker to executive audiences; she also develops and presents workshops and training programs for top business leaders. She has spoken to thousands of people in many countries around the world.

In addition to speaking, Ms Gibbins-Klein also maintains a small list of private consultancy clients who use her services to develop their writing, publishing and speaking strategy, and to plan, write and publish specific books and articles that raise their profiles as REAL thought leaders in the market.

Gibbins-Klein has an MBA in International Business and has taught the post-graduate diploma course for the Chartered Institute of Marketing in the UK. She has an enviable list of over 500 published clients, many of whom have received excellent media coverage and book sales.  Mindy has written and been interviewed for articles, radio and television over 100 times on the subject of building a profile as a REAL thought leader, writing, publishing and speaking.  She is also a regular columnist for several magazines and online publications, as well as being an expert consultant for several communities of business leaders.  She is the author and co-author of seven books, including bestseller 24 Carat BOLD – The Standard for REAL Thought Leaders, about which Seth Godin said ‘This is the first thoughtful book I’ve seen about how to become a thought leader.  Practical and inspiring at the same time”.

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Basket Brigade 23rd December 2014

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, or a newcomer that has only just heard about the Basket Brigade, we hope you’ll be joining us this year on December 23rd for another wonderful day of fun and contribution. As usual, we’ll be packing food hampers and then delivering those hampers as a wonderful Christmas surprise to unsuspecting families in need and we need your help please.

The London YES Group started delivering food baskets to families in need at Christmas 15 years ago. As a non-profit organisation inspired by the work of Anthony Robbins, we wanted to align ourselves with Tony’s Foundation and their mission to feed families who struggle to put food on the table. The idea of Basket Brigade first began in the USA more than 37 years ago when Tony, aged 17 at the time, fed two families on Thanksgiving Day. Two became four the following year and eight the year after that. Soon Tony was enrolling people to help him deliver more food baskets every year on Thanksgiving Day. Tony’s passion and drive to provide those less fortunate with a decent meal on Thanksgiving Day has now become the International Basket Brigade, which is managed and driven by the Anthony Robbins Foundation.  Every year thousands of volunteers come together in hundreds of locations around the world to participate in their local Basket Brigade, thereby providing baskets of food and household items for an estimated 4+ million people annually.

We work with the Anthony Robbins Foundation every year to make this happen in London. Recently we received this message in support:

“The Anthony Robbins Foundation wants to send the United Kingdom YES Group our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for everything they do each year to continue Tony’s vision for the Basket Brigade. We know that without the gracious contributions from individuals like you this amazing effort would not take place.”

Basket Brigade relies 100% on the donations and sponsorship of our members and the communities they are a part of. Everyone takes part on a voluntary basis. We are always looking for help and welcome any suggestions you may have to help us raise more funds. If you have any fundraising ideas please email basketbrigade@yesgroup.org.uk

Last year’s London YES Group Basket Brigade had over 550 volunteers and we delivered 3,000 hampers by the time the day was over! We need lots of help this year again, so please share the link to this website with your family, friends and networks and invite them to join you and us on this magical day of contribution.

The video at the top of this page will give you a flavour of last year’s Basket Brigade hosted by the London YES Group and the image below is just some of the 3,000 hampers that were put together that day.

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Brad Burton

BradBurtonAs a small business owner Brad has suffered all of the worries, challenges and indignities of launching a business (in massive personal debt and having to deliver pizzas in the early days).

Brad knows what it’s like and tells it how it is.

Not as thick as he looks, Brad was told “It’ll never work” and has answered his critics in the best possible way – by proving them wrong and spearheading the fastest growing business breakfast network, 4Networking, who run over 5,000 joined up networking events across the UK each year! Oh yea and they now have groups opening in Australia.

Next stop, all around the world.

He’s generally regarded as the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker and is the author of three books so far, all of which are “self help/biz books for people who don’t like self help/biz books”, his unique approach to business, life is also found in his writing, his books are written with a raw honesty, the likes of which most authors would be unwilling to share.

Life. Business. Just Got Easier [2013] Is his latest. A book which he believes will help the reader change their Life, Business, Direction, Thinking… All four? Maybe.

Get Off Your Arse [2009] – is Brad’s must-read inspirational story of how he went from his boxroom to the boardroom as MD of 4Networking. With over 200 rave reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.7 out of 5, this was the publishing sensation of the year.

Get Off Your Arse Too [2011] – Brad Burton is back, sharing his unique and raw look at life/business and how everything happens for a reason, even the s**tty stuff… GOYA2, repeated the success of the first book.

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Clinton Swaine

Clinton SwaineClinton Swaine is the founder and CEO of Frontier Trainings, the World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings. He teaches around the world and his company is based in UK, US, Australia, India and Singapore/Malaysia. He has created over 200 games and is the undisputed King of Business Games. He recently spoke with Robert Kiyosaki in India and has taught alongside the top speakers in the world. In addition he has 14 albums of music, 342 Portraits of World Leaders he has commissioned and is involved in a number of new large projects getting underway.

WORLD LEADERSHIP: The Keys to Becoming a Global Leader
• Paths to World Leadership
• Global Perspectives
• Keys to achieving world leadership
• Challenges And Issues
• Dealing with Haters

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If you BOOK EARLY by 19th October you will get a FREE copy of Clinton’s NEW E-book on “How to Become a World Class Speaker”. In this new E-book, Clinton will REVEAL many of my greatest lessons from building a global speaking business.

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Blue Marsden

blueBlue Marsden is a teacher of contemporary counselling, healing and spirituality who has blended a lifelong study of ancient esoteric methods with a degree in Philosophy and an MA in Psychoanalysis. He is founder of Holistic Healing College London and also The London School of Chi Kung and responsible for creating a unique training programme that certifies counsellors (with healing skills) internationally. www.healingcollege.co.uk

During the 1990s Blue pioneered creative uses of Hypnotherapy to help performers and creatives and his worked featured on national radio (with the late John Peel), national newspapers such as the Guardian and Independent and he has also appeared on Sky TV talking about consciousness and spirituality.

Blue will be introducing you to the Soul Plan system which is an ancient system of ‘Life Purpose’ and ‘Spiritual Profiling’ which has been rediscovered and modernised as a therapeutic and coaching tool.

During the talk he will explain the kind of practical information it is possible to discover and how this reveals your deeper essence and life journey. He will also describe how this method is an invaluable tool which can greatly enhance any coaching or therapy practise. The talk will include a demonstration with a volunteer.

  • introduce you to a life changing system that will be easy to follow up
  • prize draw of a Soul Plan session with Blue worth £150
  • come away with a clearer idea of why the vibration of your name and the intention of naming e.g. businesses or products has a major impact
  • a complementary personal Soul Plan (for members) mini keyword report delivered by email which will give you some indicators, of basic Challenges, Talents and Goals specific to you as well as some helpful affirmations
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Yes Group Member’s Night

Yes Group Member’s Night

Come join us and see our members share and inspire.

David Brady

Mugshot 2  David BradyMarketing expert and serial entrepreneur David Brady runs a global software company with offices in London, New York and Sydney. His career  has spanned a variety of  businesses, although possibly his most obscure role was running a medical dispensary in Dapong, a city in northern Togo where he claims a sense of humour and a first aid certificate went a very long way. When he is not jet-setting between continents, he can be found forcing his team to try his daily green smoothie concoctions or dreaming up new ideas for his book on laughter.

He is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, a Chartered Director and practicing Laughter Yoga instructor. He is an advisor to a variety of multimillion dollar businesses and coach to a growing number of budding entrepreneurs and start-ups.

Passion, fun and a focus on the art of the possible sum up his approach to life and he believes that laughter can change the world.

The Talk

Technology entrepreneur, CEO and global mischief maker David Brady believes laughter is one of the greatest forms of state transformation and he’s on a mission to make it a conscious ingredient of our daily lives.  After all, it’s fun, it’s free and almost anyone can do it immediately, anywhere and without much effort.  He will share his journey through laughter, describe an unlikely introduction to the laughter guru in India and teach you how to laugh for no reason in order to create health, harmony and an enhanced quality of life.

He promises to share the secret benefits of laughter, introduce a range of powerful laughter exercises and leave you with a 14 day laughter plan that will change your life.


Christopher Payne

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATwenty years ago Christopher John Payne set up a mail order business in the UK called LifeTools which became the second largest supplier of personal development products with 50,000 customers. His celebrity customers included Tony Robbins, who bought twice from him! At its height Chris was mailing nearly a million sales letters a year. He has created dozens of ebooks, videos, mp3-based programs, etc — and one of his programs, The Effort-Free Life System, achieved gross sales revenue of $3 million. He has run workshops in the UK, USA, Australia and Abu Dhabi, and spoken at 2 TEDx events, including co-organising one in Abu Dhabi with 850 attendees. He now helps coaches, trainers and consultants to make more money using online products.

In his presentation to the Yes Group, Chris will be talk about a shocking discovery 2 years ago, and 3 lessons from it which will help you create the life of your dreams.



shayShay has always had a passion for public speaking, making her first audio “Hour of Fun” when she was 5 years old. Although she was painfully shy in her early life, she has developed her own methodology for breaking through these which she now shares with her clients. In her adult life, shay has enjoyed a long and successful career as a barrister and is the author of How to Be Captivating where she helps those who want to take the stage to do so with confidence. No stranger to Byrne creative stage herself, Shay also performs as a jazz singer, comedienne and is an award winning radio broadcaster. She is very committed to personal growth and co-runs Inspire’d; London’s first open mic speakers evening which was recently featured in the Sunday Times.

The Talk

Do you dream of taking to the stage, but let the nerves get the better of you? In this talk, Shay will be sharing her top three tips based on her eclectic personal experience on how you can quickly and easily take to the stage with complete confidence and let your gifts shine!

Sam Judah Bio

aaa1Personal change expert Sam Judah works with intelligent creative people who have somehow become stuck in their lives.

As founder of the successful Neurologica Practice in London, Sam’s clients include Hollywood actors, business leaders, platinum selling pop stars and priests.

Since recovering from a debilitating chronic illness in his late twenties: Sam understands the power of the mind – body connection and especially how powerful beliefs are in achieving change.

The Power of beliefs talk outline

The power of beliefs is massive! Every thought we think, decision we make or action we take is as a direct result of our beliefs.

People die for their beliefs: just look at what’s happening in the Middle East currently. But what if our beliefs were chosen for us? What if our beliefs were formed when we were children?? What if our beliefs are completely untrue???

In this fun and informative talk we’ll be looking at:

•    Where your beliefs come from
•    How your beliefs are formed
•    What impact are they having on your life
•    How to shift unwanted beliefs

Dr Laura Nelson

drlauranelsonDr Laura Nelson is a peak performance life coach and a neuroscientist. After struggling for years with her own lack of direction, Laura built a successful business – training entrepreneurs in powerful personal and business transformation.

With her love for psychology and strategy, Laura gives you tools to get you unstuck, and to turn your passions and talents into highly focused action and marketable value. Laura was once terrified of public speaking. You’ll now find her – an award-winning professional speaker – presenting up and down the country at business events, TEDx and the Houses of Parliament. As a media authority and influential trendsetter, you’ll see her on television (CNN and Sky TV), radio (BBC radio 4 and 5 live) and in print (The New York Times and Huffington Post).

In her presentation, Laura will talk about how you can break through personal barriers to become the expert entrepreneur, and build a business around the topic you love.

You will walk away with powerful personal mastery tips to enable you to:

•    know how to attract dream clients quickly and easily
•    make the impact and income you want and deserve
•    perform at the highest level and feel confident, in control and in flow

Whether you’re an entrepreneur a few years into your journey who wants to reignite your passion, productivity and performance; or someone who’s starting out in business and wants a dazzling head-start, these insights will be a powerful and transformational boost to your journey.

98a097cf-4e46-4281-b212-9d81f4931007Peter Tuohy

Peter Tuohy is a man of many talents.  He has been a courier, a gardener, a retailer and a business analyst in Canary Wharf but in 2010 when Peter started taking a regular Yoga Class in Central London, his path turned away from all this leading to him eventually starting his own Yoga Studio in Wandsworth, South West London.

Despite a litany of reasons why he could never succeed, Peter is here to show us ‘How to Overcome any Challenge – even when you are homeless and can’t walk!’

Peter Tuohy, the founder of Wandsworth Power Yoga, is a Yoga Teacher, Serial Entrepreneur, Ex-City Analyst and Lead for the Wandsworth Chamber on Health and Wellbeing.  After battling addiction for years with low self-esteem and zero confidence, Peter transformed his health and life with Yoga, creating a dream lifestyle and building a thriving Yoga Studio in Wandsworth while HOMELESS and on BENEFITS. Tonight, Peter will share his 3 key steps to creating a powerful personal and business transformation.

In Peter Tuohy’s powerful presentation you will learn:

  •  3 key steps to creating a powerful personal and business transformation
  • How Peter transformed his life and health through yoga
  • Tools to unlock your strongest driving force
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