Basket Brigade is 100% funded through donations, fundraising and sponsorship, and everyone who supports or works at for the event does so on a voluntary basis.

If you have any fundraising ideas or time you would like to contribute in the run up to our event, please email

And if you wish to make a donation, just £10 provides a basket to feed a family of four, you can do so HERE. Please remember to give your family, friends and colleagues a chance to find out more and contribute by sending them to this link.

Did you know that Basket Brigade is a global phenomena?

The YES Group London Basket Brigade is actually a part of something much bigger that happens around the world. We work with the Anthony Robbins Foundation every year to make this happen for the needy in London for which our work received this message of support:

“The Anthony Robbins Foundation wants to send the United Kingdom YES Group our heartfelt gratitude and thanks for everything they do each year to continue Tony’s vision for the Basket Brigade. We know that without the gracious contributions from individuals like you this amazing effort would not take place.

What began more than 30 years ago as Tony’s individual effort to feed families in need, has now grown into the Anthony Robbins Foundation’s International Basket Brigade, providing baskets of food and household items for more than 4 million people annually in countries all over the world. Basket Brigade is built on a simple notion: one small act of generosity on the part of one caring person can transform the lives of hundreds. It takes only one light to dispel the darkness and even just one basket or a few, to bring hope.

Our desire and invitation to you now is that you continue to expand the quality of your life by committing to the philosophy of CANI!—Constant and Never-ending Improvement. By doing so, I believe that you will create a life of lasting fulfilment for yourself and for those you care about.

Again we sincerely appreciate your efforts to represent the true humanspirit of contribution.” ~ Anthony Robbins Foundation


“Everyone has the need to contribute. It is one of the six human needs. If you give from your heart, it will come back to you tenfold.” ~ Anthony Robbins

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