What is the YES Group?

ygpWe are a movement of vibrant people who meet every last Wednesday of the month in London to celebrate our successes, be inspired, educated and engage with the world’s finest speakers and leaders from the personal development, health, wealth, growth and contribution arenas.

The YES Group is open to all and does not have any religious or political bias.

The YES Group is non-profit Community Interest Company where all proceeds are given back to local charities and we actively encourage your involvement in fund-raising and contribution.

We Promise You

A warm welcome at a fun filled evening, with a friendly and supportive peer group who deliver inspiring, educational and life changing events on a regular basis.

We Invite You

To come along every last Wednesday of the month, join our community and get involved with our special events like the “Basket Brigade” on 23 December. Come along to check us out, grow and contribute.

When Did it Start?

The first YES Group in the UK was established in London in November 1993 after the first Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event in the UK. A group of friends decided to meet on a regular basis to support each other to live, breathe and reinforce the philosophies learnt at UPW. Since Karl Pearsall founded the YES Group it has evolved greatly to become the foremost personal development community of its kind.

The YES Group provides its members with quality resources to enable them to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

Our Vision

We are the UK’s Leading Personal Development Community

Our Mission

“To inspire, empower and support people in pursuing their personal growth and in making a positive difference and contribution to humanity”

Inspired by a Legend in Personal Transformation – Anthony Robbins

YES Groups and associated Power Teams are premier event organisations and dynamic communities originally developed by graduates of Anthony (Tony) Robbins seminars.

Tony advocates that you need to create a “Seventh Power” – a group of people you trust implicitly; who believe in you and help you to continuously set higher standards for yourself whilst supporting you exactly where you are currently.

Who is your Seventh Power? Who is daily asking you higher quality questions? It is sometimes easy to rest on our laurels, become comfortable and complacent. Find and surround yourself with those whose positive attitude constantly elevates you to a higher level, and whose questions consistently help you to achieve a higher level of success. These people will honour and celebrate your accomplishments, and challenge you to continually raise the bar for more future success.

For over 15 years, YES Groups have created a vibrant Seventh Power environment to promote the personal development and well-being industry. Each group is individually run on a voluntary basis by its local leadership team.

YES Groups attract some of the best contemporary public speakers in the fields of personal and professional development.

Although inspired by Tony Robbins, YES Groups have no formal or commercial links with his organisation. Most of us would however recommend that you look up Tony on the Anthony Robbins website. In appreciation of his work we present below a video of Tony speaking at TED where he conveys his core teachings at lightening speed, finishing with a high five with ex-US President elect Al Gore.


YES Group World-Wide

The YES Group is an international personal development community that provides its members with quality resources to enable them to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.

This is the current list of YES Group World-Wide communities:

United Kingdom – London YES Group ● Birmingham YES Group ● Oxford YES Group ● Bristol YES Group ● Cardiff YES Group ● YES Group North ● Norwich YES Group ● Brighton YES Group

Sweden – Swedish YES Group

Benelux / Netherlands – Power Team Europe (NL/BE) ● Power Team The Netherlands

Canada – Toronto Power Group ● Toronto Anthony Robbins Firewalkers


This community continues to grow and we encourage you to check us out, and join in.

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